The Golden Age of Hogwarts

The year is set in 2016 where its been eighteen years since Hogwarts, was attacked and now the wizarding world is rebuilt, and now a new threat has hit them.
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 teenage angst ((open))

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Cernunnos Largo
Slytherin Sixth Year
Slytherin Sixth Year
Cernunnos Largo

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PostSubject: teenage angst ((open))   Sun Dec 27, 2015 6:54 pm

Sitting on a stool holding a glass of vodka, Cernunnos glanced around wondering when someone would hit up on him. He always loved having fake IDs granted he only ever got to use it in the Muggle world. For a popular nightclub, they sure were shitty at finding stuff that is counterfeit, in his opinion anyway, Tucking some hair behind his ear, he bit his lip adjusting his miniskirt. He got up and was mindlessly walking down staring down at the floor. As a consequence for not paying attention to where he was going, he fell spilling the alcoholic beverage on the floor after bumping into someone.

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teenage angst ((open))
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