The Golden Age of Hogwarts

The year is set in 2016 where its been eighteen years since Hogwarts, was attacked and now the wizarding world is rebuilt, and now a new threat has hit them.
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 Cernunnos Largo

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Cernunnos Largo
Slytherin Sixth Year
Slytherin Sixth Year
Cernunnos Largo

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PostSubject: Cernunnos Largo   Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:26 pm

The Basics Information
Name: Cernunnos Narcissus Largo
Age: 16
Birthday: May 5
Blood Status: Half-blood
Birthplace: London, England
Current Home: London, England
Sexual Alignment: Homosexual; bisexual tendencies when drunk

Hair Color/style: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Body Type: Skinny, thin
Height: 6'4
Clothing Style: Gothic, girly, lolita, skimpy

Likes: Pink, clothing, fashion, lingerie, makeup, pop culture, Bratz dolls, parties, sex, alcohol, daddy, getting what he wants, older men, reading, cigarettes, drugs, gossip
Dislikes: Loud noises, following dress code, daddy, reckless,
Strengths: Hiding who he is, resourceful, comes up with plans easily, spontaneous, charms,
Weaknesses: Gets into trouble easily, gets into arguments often, stubborn, has a bit of a superiority complex
Words to Describe: Contradictory, mysterious, cunning, fake, timid, eccentric, pretentious, snobby

Background:  It was a starry, starry night and there he was freshly out of the womb in a forest with his mother being under the cruciatus curse by his own father. He was only a few minutes old and his father had murdered his mother right in front of him. It was a crude sight, but there was no one there to witness it and his father had officially gotten away with murder. Cernunnos was given quite a name out of his dad's own ego.

His childhood was practically a blur; Cernunnos only ever remembered the parts of his childhood where he had witnessed his father torturing people out of his own corrupted, psychopathic tendencies. It surely didn't help him any considering the fact that he often heard his father boasting about getting away with murder numerous times to his colleagues often mentioning that he killed his own son's mother.  The sight of seeing all sorts of people in pain had horrified him, and he couldn't comprehend how his father would enjoy doing stuff like that. On his eleventh birthday, Cernunnos got his letter to go to Hogwarts, and he was beyond elated to know that he wouldn't have to witness his father performing cruel acts as often as he did.

Once he had started to attend Hogwarts, he often found himself writing letters to his father talking about his feelings of nervousness and loneliness in his new school. Hogwarts was completely different in comparison to the Muggle schools he had gone to before hand because his father didn't have all of the luxuries his relatives had due to living in London. Cernunnos had almost no friends and found himself around influences many would call questionable. Cernunnos slowly became more of the person he currently is by losing his innocence at a young age due to his only friend's influence. In his third year of Hogwarts, he attempted to dress more girly whenever he wasn't in his uniform since that was how he always dressed back at home since he was a young kid who considered the Britney Spears album Blackout to be his Bible with Bratz dolls in hand. It was later on in his third year when one could say that he was beginning to take a turn for the worst. Sure, he had lived off of his father's attention due to being his only family, but he was starting to go through a complex, a complex that'd turn ugly before he even knew it. It all started with very subtle actions such as accidentally bumping into his father's more inappropriate parts along with trying to get a glimpse of him whenever he could. Obviously, that only ever happened during summer break because he never really went home for the shorter breaks until his fifth year. One could say that Cernunnos was starting to go down into a slippery slope; he began drinking underage, picked up a smoking habit, and started to become promiscuous in hopes of filling the needs he had been developing. Stuff that was frowned upon was more appealing, and his father praised him whenever he was cold toward a person or acted a way the child of a Death Eater would. He began to take advantage of that fact causing him to slowly develop an ego which he hid through the shy kid image he had since he started going to Hogwarts.

Father's Name: Odysseus Largo
Age: 42 (nearing 43)
Blood Status: Pureblood
Occupation: Unemployed; former Death Eater
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Julie Griswold
Age: 24 (at time of death)
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Occupation: N/A
Status: Deceased

Siblings Names: N/A

Other Key Members: Alberich  Largo (Uncle)

Family History: Born as one of the Death Eater's only child, he was practically ostracized by his own families, especially for being born out of wedlock. He was ostracized to the point of only knowing that he has a father and a dead mother. However, Cernunnos didn't really care just as long as he still got attention from his father. Thanks to him being born, he practically caused his father to be named a "blood traitor" by his colleagues which didn't really help with the fact that Cernunnos's mother is fully out of the picture.

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Narkissos Jetson
Slytherin Prefect
Slytherin Prefect
Narkissos Jetson

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PostSubject: Re: Cernunnos Largo   Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:33 pm


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Cernunnos Largo
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