The Golden Age of Hogwarts

The year is set in 2016 where its been eighteen years since Hogwarts, was attacked and now the wizarding world is rebuilt, and now a new threat has hit them.
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 Carly Marie Waters

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Carly Waters
Hufflepuff Fourth Year
Hufflepuff Fourth Year
Carly Waters

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PostSubject: Carly Marie Waters   Carly Marie Waters Icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2015 6:01 pm

Carly Marie Waters Eleanor-calder-sick-with-shock-louis-tomlinson-baby-news-ftr
The Basics Information
Name: Carly Waters
Age: 14
Birthday: March 13
Blood Status: Pure
Birthplace: London, England
Current Home: London, England
Sexual Alignment:Hetero

Hair Color/style: Brown, wavey
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Fair
Body Type:Skinny
Clothing Style: Causal cute

-Animals (duh)
-Painting/art in genral
-Heros (in books and irl)
-Cute things
-The night/moon and stars
-Abusive people
-People who are sad
-People who hunt
-Her mother
-Her whole family basically
-Being called a freak
-Trusting people
-Being able to survive on her own
-Trusting people to easily
-Not talking to people a lot
-Is physically weak
-Gets depressed very easy
-Is an outcast  
-Has no one to depend on
Words to Describe:
-Bubbly (when you get to know her)

Carly is the last born in her family she is the youngest and the strangest. She isnt evil or rude like her sister or brother she is kind and caring. Another thing that sets her apart is she has the ability to speak with animals. She is a outcast for this because her family believes she is a freak but her mother thinking she can use this ability for the DE keeps Carly around, against her will. Carly's story goes a bit like this.

March 13th 2002

On March 13 2002 a little girl was born with bright brown eyes that had flickers of gold in them, her choc late brown hair was longer then a normal new born but no nurse paid any attention to this. The nurse spun around and held the baby out to its mother saying with a sweet voice. "Its a girl, What shall you call her Ms, Waters." The young women who was no older then 23 gave the women her daughter and the women in the bed who was no older then 28 looked at the young baby who was crying in her arms.

The women looked at the father of the new born and before she even asked the man spoke out. "Carly...Carly Marie Waters" He said staring at the youngest of three with a wide smile. Then staring at her father the young newborn opened her eyes and let out a giggle. She then turned to her mother and stared wailing again. Little did anyone know that this would be the same for the next fourteen years of young Carlys life.

Two years later

A little two year old ran around the house giggling and running from her father who was chasing her. She then stopped staring at a bird and smiled holding her hand out and with a sweet almost snow white sounding voice said. "I wont hurt you birdy" Almost like the bird understood the bird hopped into the young Carlys hand. Her father had stopped to watch his eyes wide, Carly's mother was about to make Carly put the bird down when after the bird had chripped Carly had laughed. As if she understood it.

"Carly...hun whats so funny" Her father asked his eyes wide. Carly looked at him with a confused looked.

"Daddy the birdy made a joke. Didn't you hear her" Her mother dropped her book, her elder brother who was 8 froze from playing with the soccer ball. Her older sister froze from playing with her dolls the young 4 year old looked at her sister.

"Carls bird cant talk" Carly stared at her sister with a confused look.

"No the birdy told a joke. Tell them birdy," and on cue the bird chirpped as if it could understand the young two year old. Her mother then screamed.

"Shes a freak! Daniel your child is a monster!" The women screamed pointing at Carly and quickly gathering Sabrina and Alex in her arms and running into the house. Daniel, Carly's father stood their with a crying Carly who was confused. She thought everyone could understand the animals like the 2 year old could. Little did the young girl know that this was the start of many bad days.

4 Years later

Carly was six when it happened her mother had been yelling at her again and Carly had ran out of the house running into the woods like she normally did. This time was different though. Her father had ran after her. Well her sister and brother and even mother hated Carly her father still loved her.

"Carly! Come on Carls!" Her father yelled after the very quick six year old. But he had no idea what was going on just past the trees. A group of men were hunting birds and Carly hearing the screams and cries of help from the birds ran faster. When the young girl got there she screamed.

"Stop it your hurting them!" She yelled and one of the men turned and laughed at her. Telling her to leave Carly didn't and she ran grapping one of the birds and holding it close telling the young bird that it would be ok.

The men laughed again calling Carly a freak. Saying that it was unnatural for a girl to understand animals. Her father then ran though the trees and quickly grabbed his daughter, holding her close.

The men just laughed and told them to leave, laughing at the young girl. That is when Carly truly understood how strange it was to be who she was.

3 year later

It was the middle of February the 15th to be exact when it happened. Her father had drove her to a store to pick out a toy Carly had gotten a stuffed kitty. She named it Tia smiling. As the two of them were driving back and Carly had asked for some ice cream even though it was winter.

Her father with a chuckle agreed with his daughter who was nine that ice cream was a great idea. But not knowing as he made a turn to head back to the downtown for ice cream with his daughter a drunk driver came and hit the side that the drivers seat was on.

Crying out for his daughter to duck he threw his arm back pushing her head down to protect her. But in doing so he got so much glass in his chest and head and the fact that he was t-boned in the side he was killed with in a moment.

That was the day Carly's life was ruined.

One year later

It was Carly's birthday and she was holding her Hogwarts letter close to her chest smiling widely. She looked at the picture of her father. "Im going to Hogwarts getting away from here. Well at least from mom. Ill make you proud."

Just then a scream was heard downstairs for Carly. Yelling back that she was coming the young girl ran downstairs her suitcase in hand, after a yelling at for taking so long her mother smacked her upside the head, her brother laughing at her and her sister giggling.

Carly sighed and was counting down the seconds till when she would be free from all this. After leaving and getting on the train Carly smiled and pulled out a picture of her dad. Her cat Luna meowing to her left in her cage.

"Time to make some new friends..and have a bit of freedom.." She told the picture before tucking it in and waiting to get to her new home.

Father's Name: Daniel Waters
Age: 32
Blood Status: Pure
Occupation: N/A

Mother's Name: Lily Waters (nee: Halison)
Age: 42
Blood Status:Pure

Siblings Names:
Brother: Alex Waters, 20, living, DE
Sister: Sabrina Waters, 16, living, Hogwarts Student

Other Key Members:
Luna- Her cat

Family History:
The Waters are a normal family besides the fact that they are very rich, now her mothers side is a diff rent story they are rich nor poor but they do have a long history of Death eaters. So trying to get more money and power and just keep the bloodline pure Lily married Daniel and had three children a few years later, the first one being Alexander the second being Sabrina and the last one (who was a complete accident and is basically shunted from her family) is Carly. This is the Waters family bloodline now since Daniel died a few years back.

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Clara Elias
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Clara Elias

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PostSubject: Re: Carly Marie Waters   Carly Marie Waters Icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2015 6:02 pm

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Carly Marie Waters
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